The legalese of the Edward Ringwald
Websites Network

What you need to know as you browse through the websites
of the Edward Ringwald Websites Network.

This page sets forth the terms of use of the Edward Ringwald Websites. Your use of these websites constitute acceptance of the terms of use as stated below. The Edward Ringwald Web Sites includes, and as well as the Edward Ringwald Blog plus the Interstate 275 Florida Blog. Moreover, this also includes videos posted by Edward Ringwald on Edward Ringwald's YouTube channel.

This page is just a highlight of the terms of use applicable to the Edward Ringwald Websites Network. The complete terms of use can be read here as a PDF document; this document governs your use of the Edward Ringwald Websites Network.

Use of Text and/or Images

All text and photos on the web pages maintained by Edward Ringwald are copyrighted by Edward Ringwald unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved in the United States and throughout the world. All material, including but not limited to, text, photography, and programming code, are protected by United States copyright law. Unless otherwise indicated, these are the property of Edward Ringwald and may not be used without the prior written permission of Edward Ringwald.

Permission is never granted for commercial use of copyrighted material, in whole or part. Use is granted, with proper permission, for personal or nonprofit use, providing no more than one photo or text article is used on any one web site or in any single print publication.

The use of any image from any of the Edward Ringwald web sites for the purpose of selling items of any kind on eBay is strictly prohibited. Violators will be reported to eBay and the listing may be ended at eBay's discretion. Edward Ringwald is an eBay member and will cooperate in any investigation conducted by eBay.

To request permission to use material, click on this link to go to the Contact Us page at Select the “Permission to use material” on the first drop-down box.

Use of name or likeness of Edward Ringwald

The name and/or likeness of Edward Ringwald is protected by various laws pertaining to the rights of publicity and privacy. Any unauthorized use of the name and/or likeness of Edward Ringwald for commercial, marketing and/or fraudulent purposes, including any form of telemarketing to solicit goods and/or services, is prohibited and any unauthorized use will subject the offender to civil legal action. This also includes the use of these names where any form of endorsement or sponsorship is implied.

WARNING: Any unauthorized use of the name and/or likeness of Edward Ringwald in the commission of an unlawful act will be reported to appropriate law enforcement for action, including the filing of criminal charges where appropriate. This is in addition to any civil legal action that may arise from unauthorized use.

In simple terms, don't take an image of me from my websites and put it on a T-shirt for sale on Cafe Press. Such acts will be dealt with swiftly and severely in the courts. So don't do it!

The Edward Ringwald Privacy Policy

The Edward Ringwald websites are websites owned by Edward Ringwald which are designed for all ages. Pursuant to the United States Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 here is a notice of our privacy practices:

Except for information collected in our Contact Us pages on the Edward Ringwald websites no personally identifiable information is collected from visitors to our web site. However, in our Contact Us pages there are fields provided for your name and email address. Providing your name and email address to us on our Contact Us pages is completely optional; however, it is requested if in the event you desire a response from us. Names and email addresses provided on our Contact Us page will only be used for the sole purpose of replying to you and will be held in the strictest form of confidence. Moreover, names and email addresses submitted on our Contact Us pages will never be rented nor sold to a third party. Besides, collecting information such as an email address then aggregating and selling it to a third party is not good business practice.

Additionally, if you purchase anything featured at the Edward Ringwald Surplus Corner your transaction is handled through eBay and PayPal in accordance with their privacy policies. If you are the winning bidder of an item sold at the Edward Ringwald Surplus Corner eBay forwards your information such as your name, address and email address to me so that I can get your purchase shipped to you. If your address of record on eBay is that of a post office box you are still welcome to place a bid; however, I will only ask for your street address if the item mentioned in the listing requires FedEx shipping. In any case, your name and address information that eBay supplies to me so that I can ship you your purchase is kept confidential and is never rented, sold, nor bartered to a third party.

In short, whenever you want to bid on an item at the Edward Ringwald Surplus Corner you can do so with confidence. As mentioned earlier collecting personal information and then selling it to a third party is not good business practice.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy on the Edward Ringwald websites, please feel free to contact us on the Contact Us page. Be sure to select "an item I purchased from Edward Ringwald on eBay" as the subject.

Links to External Websites

There are hyperlinks in most of the web pages in the Edward Ringwald Websites Network that will take you to sites that are not maintained by Edward Ringwald and are here for your convenience. Therefore, I have no control over the content of the web sites the hyperlink takes you to. Questions and/or comments about these sites should be directed to the webmaster of the sites involved. The inclusion of any external link from an Edward Ringwald web site does not imply endorsement.

Where mentioned, my web pages are not the official sites of the entities involved. You are welcome to visit the linked web site for more information regarding the subject the web page covers.

Warning to Email Spammers!

The use of any e-mail address maintained by Edward Ringwald by any e-mail telemarketer for the purpose of sending unsolicited e-mail (spam) without prior authorization is not permitted and will not be tolerated. Any spammer engaging in such activity will be reported to the spammer's Internet Service Provider and/or e-mail provider for review and possible action, including termination of the spammer's e-mail and/or internet account. This includes forging the email headers in order to make the spam email look like it came from, and/or and anyone found doing so will be tracked and reported. So don't do it!

Just a friendly reminder: Where you go and what you do on the Internet - especially if you are on a computer owned by your employer or by your school or college - is not private! The Internet is a great tool, but please use it responsibly!

Fight unsolicited email. Check out for more information on unsolicited email.